January Platform Update

It has been exciting month in January for Cryptonetix, our new website launched on the 1st of the month and traffic is growing very quikcly. We have aggregated all the best Cryptocurrency News, Podcasts and Videos from all over the Internet to our new website, talk about a time saver, what a great way to get all your news and keep the tap on the markets, all with Cryptonetix.com

The new platform is coming right along. We are finalizing some changes to the News feature of our new, Cryptonetix “Navigator” application and we’ll be moving on to new areas within the application. Here is a list of January updates to our platform.

-Added streaming media ability within the platform
-Deployed fast caching for extreme scalability
-Added new manual refresh option and improved automated refresh ability
-Added updated cryptocurrency pricing into the menu news feed
-Improved word filtering options
-Updated and improved news fetching speeds

We appreciate everyones support and look forward to a fabulous update in February! Our alpha is still on target for March, 2018!